Bamboo Bike Review - "Super Comfortable"

We’d like to share this nice review from a happy customer - thank you for taking the time to write Michael!

Bamboo bike from Booomers

I have managed to complete my bamboo bike and taken it for the first full 30 mile ride. I had heads turning, and was even stopped by a fellow cyclist who asked to take a picture of the bike as they had never seen anything like it before. In terms of comfort, I can only compare it to my present day commuter bike which I use for 20 mile daily round-trip to and from work.

The bicycle specialist shop "Bexley Bikes" where I took the frame for some of the major parts were extremely impressed with the quality of the frame and didn't know Bamboo bikes were produced in Ghana. 

On riding the bike, the first thing I can say is the bike is SUPER-COMFORTABLE, when cruising on our sometimes challenged London roads. I tend to have my tyres pumped up (to 80psi) for the best rolling resistance performance. On my usual commuter bike, I feel everything through the seat post and through my arms, but on the Booomers bike frame it's a pleasant ride, and best of all I know I'm supporting the Yonso Project, a community and Ghana with every pedal stroke. 

Wishing your work continual success!

Michael E Richardson