How We Make Our Bamboo Bike Frames


Step 1 Bamboo harvesting and treatment

We harvest well-tended bamboo plants that have reached maturity. Then we apply a chemical and heat treatment to protect the shoots from insects. 

Step 2 Bamboo selection

After treatment we carefully select dried bamboo pieces to ensure they meet the necessary weight and strength requirements for a strong frame.

Step 3 Frame assembly

After cutting the bamboo to the required dimensions, we assemble them on well-designed jigs which ensure good symmetry and correct alignment of the frame. 

Step 4  Frame wrapping

We then wrap the tacked frames with local sisal fibre soaked in a plant-based eco-resin epoxy. This ensures the joints are strong enough to hold the frame together and withstand shocks.

Step 5  Filing and sanding

We file and sand the frame wrapping so it is smooth and shows the beauty of the organic materials.

Step 6  Quality control inspections

Our strict three-stage quality control process ensures every product meets international safety and quality standards. After inspection we spray the frame with a high quality, polyurethane coat to protect the frame against rain and direct sunlight.