Cyclist on bamboo bike from Booomers

lightweight and comfortable

Bamboo is a unique alternative to traditional bicycle frames. It is far lighter than steel, more comfortable than aluminium and cheaper than carbon fibre. Bamboo has a higher specific tensile strength than steel and a higher specific compressive strength than concrete. This means it’s strong enough to carry loads like shopping or camping equipment but has good vibration control for a smooth ride and good stability. Our customers report great handling and have taken the bikes over mountain ranges, crossed continents and have competed in international road races. You can read customer reviews on our blog.

Bamboo bike

Environmentally friendly

Our customers are aware of the impact their choices have on the environment. Bamboo grows fast - it reaches maturity in two months and is easily replanted. The plants consume CO2 and emit oxygen helping battle climate change. Our manual farming process needs no harmful fertilisers and is incomparable to the energy-intensive manufacturing process behind a steel, aluminium or carbon fibre frame. We use plant-based eco-resin epoxy and local sisal for strong, durable joints.

Bamboo bikes in Africa with social impact

Positive Social Impact

The sale of every Booomers bike helps young people in rural Ghana develop skills and an income that will set them up for the future. We believe in sustainable economic development and all our profits are reinvested to provide skills and education to as many young people as possible. Our employees receive a decent wage, social security, lunch and health care benefits. We also indirectly employ 20 young people who harvest and 200 farmers who cultivate bamboo. We have gifted 150 bamboo bicycles to local schools in partnership with UNICEF, support 400 school children through scholarships and fund libraries and computer labs across the region.

How We Make our bamboo bike frames

Do you want to know how a bamboo bike frame is actually made? As the global leader in affordable and sustainable bamboo bicycle frames we have refined our production processes over the years. We have our own bamboo farm and support agroforestry programs to generate income for local farmers and provide a constant supply of strong, mature bamboo.

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