Mountain Bike (Frame 2)

Mountain Bike (Frame 2)

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Buying this mountain bike frame allows you to create a unique bamboo bike from scratch, fashioned with your own preferred parts and accessories, rather than forming part of a pre-defined kit. All our frames are handmade in our Ghanaian social enterprise, meaning your bike is truly unique and your new sustainable transport is both ecological and socially beneficial.

Bamboo is a fantastic lightweight and shockproof material, making an ideal frame for use and for storage.


Frame material: Bamboo
Frame Type: Mountain Bike

Frame Model: Standard
Fork Size: 1-1/8′′
Seatpost size: 27.2
Wheel Spacing: 135mm
Break type to fit: Disc Brake

Wheel Size to fit: 29′′ Wheels

Transmission: Frame is designed for multiple speed bikes

Sizes Available: 36cm, 39cm, 45cm, 48cm, 55cm

Add-ons:  Water Bottle holder, Fender mount, Kente decoration, Artistic designs

Note: Shipping is only available to countries outside Europe. We will update our pricing to US$ soon.

Water Bottle Holder:
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