Road Bike Mens (Kente Design)

Road Bike Mens (Kente Design)

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Special Edition Kente Design Frame

Buying this bamboo city bike frame allows you to create a unique bamboo bike from scratch, fashioned with your own preferred parts and accessories, rather than forming part of a pre-defined kit. The Kente design is a unique feature that reflects the bike’s provenance. All our frames are handmade in our Ghanaian social enterprise.

Bamboo is a fantastic lightweight and shockproof material, making an ideal frame for use and for storage.


Frame material: Bamboo

Frame Type: Road Bike

Models Available: Gents

Fork Size: 1-1/8″

Seatpost size: 27.2

Wheel Spacing: 130mm

Wheel Size to fit: 700C  Wheels

Transmission: Frame is designed for  Single Speed and multiple speed bikes

Sizes Available: 48cm 52cm, 56cm, 58cm, 60cm, 62cm, 64cm

Add-ons:  Water Bottle holder, Fender mount, Artistic designs

Note: Shipping is only available to countries outside Europe. We will update our pricing to US$ soon.

Water Bottle Holder:
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